Sixty and Single……..Who Needs Sexy!

I love to write but often wonder if anyone would like to read what I write.  To test whether anyone would enjoy reading my writing some of my children and friends have encouraged me to start writing a blog so here goes.

60th birthday 017

I suppose an introduction is in order.  Hi, my name is Katherine although my sister used to call me Kate and my Mom called me Kat and my brother called me Gomer.  Remind me to tell you about it sometime! I am sixty.  I am single.  I am not sexy.  That pretty much describes who I am…..well, maybe not.  I am also a survivor.

I was married at twenty-one, to the love of my life who was born and reared in Hong Kong.  I gave birth three times.  Our two oldest daughters loved to tell our youngest daughter that their Dad was an Alien and her Dad was not.  Technically this is true, by the time our third daughter was born he was an American citizen as well as an American solder.  I spent most of my life following a military man around the world while raising our children.  I have moved more than thirty-five times (after thirty-five I stopped counting but have moved several times since then) and adopted a little boy from China ten years ago.  I was divorced five years ago after I discovered that the love of my life didn’t love me anymore but I am becoming okay with that!  I have lost all my siblings and parents, and now live in Nebraska with my young son while my adult daughters are busy in other states living their own lives.  I was not kidding when I said I am a survivor.  As if that was not enough to survive, I also have survived floods, tornadoes, an earthquake and nearly died three times that I can remember.  There may have been more times but I hate to think of my Mom being accused of murder so let’s just leave it at that!

So if you are good at math you will have figured out already that I was married 34 years and have an eleven year old son whom you will no doubt hear a lot about in the future.  I also have a very sweet granddaughter that is two and two son-in-laws and one daughter-in-love and three grand-puppies.  As I said, I am a survivor and I am Sixty, single and not very sexy.    More to come later….bye for now!  Katherine


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