Chin Hairs, Weak Bladders, and Mustaches

Wedding & Seattle Trip 2014 073Being sixty is an adventure, that’s for sure. I was thinking about a conversation I had with my Mom and Aunt a few years ago. I was complaining about hair growth on my face. I hate to admit this, but I have chin hairs. It’s true! I have some rogue black stiff hairs that want to grow on and under my chin. Golly this is embarrassing, and I probably shouldn’t talk about it, but I have found a cure…a good pair of tweezers. I know some women wax their face but I have never been a waxer and I don’t think that I want to start now. I mean, what if my skin came off with the wax and I lose my face? So I tweeze my chin hairs and sometimes my mustache too; it seems safer.

Getting older is certainly an educational process. I remember as a kid I observed my great-grandmother and grandmother as they tweezed their heavy mustaches so I guess that women in my family grow more facial hair as we age. I was thinking about that and thought that maybe I could make some money as a bearded lady in the circus. Well, maybe not!

As I said, I was talking about all of this aging stuff with my Mom and Aunt a few years ago and I asked them what else I needed to be aware of as I age. They told me some interesting insights. I won’t have to shave my legs as often because the hair on my legs will get lighter and slower growing. Wow! I can hardly wait! They also told me that I will have a weaker bladder especially since I have given birth and to be prepared for accidents when sneezing or laughing! Oh dear! So that’s why my Mom always told me to carry an extra pair of under-pants in my purse! Huh! They also told me that my head of hair will get thinner. Okay, I have thick hair anyway so I can afford to lose a few. But the best news they shared is that I will forget the ending to my favorite books and movies and so reading or watching them again will be fun! Okay!Wedding & Seattle Trip 2014 072

There were other things that they shared, like how much fun it is to cook for one and then eat it alone. Yeah right! I mean, I like chili but my son doesn’t so every winter when I make chili I eat it for a week! Not sure eating alone will be all that much fun. My Mom, however, did have a pretty good system going with my single brother-in-law…he would share half of a five-pound bag of potatoes with her and she shared half a dozen eggs with him. They also shared such things as bread and fresh fruits. I had never really thought of how difficult it might be to use up a whole dozen eggs or loaf of bread before they went bad or got stale. I won’t have to face that part of aging for a while with a growing boy in the house. Except, of course, for the chili!

Aging happens to all of us. From the moment we are born we grow until we are an adult and then we begin the aging process. Every year we see new gray hairs or wrinkles or age spots. It is part of our human experience so why do we fight it so? I think that today, in my sixtieth year I am better than I have ever been before in my life. I don’t really stress about gray hairs, chin hairs or a weak bladder. I just accept all of this as part of the fact that God has been gracious and merciful to me, gracious because I am still alive and breathing. I have one more day to enjoy sunshine and fresh air, to enjoy flowers and birds, to enjoy spring, summer, fall and winter snowfalls.Wedding & Seattle Trip 2014 067

Yes, the best is yet to come. No, I am not afraid of aging. Yes, I have made peace with my chin hairs. No, you won’t be able to see them, hopefully…and if you do then please tell me so I can get rid of them. Yes, I am thankful for this post. No, you will never read something this weird again! Promise!

Until next time……Katherine


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