Blessings Are All Around

Have you ever stopped and thought of all the blessings in your life? I was thinking about blessings recently and realized that I take so many of them for granted, do you too? I have never gone hungry while many on this planet are starving. I have never gone thirsty for long yet many places in this world struggle to find clean water to drink. I have never been without a vehicle, or without friends and family. On and on goes the list of blessings. In fact, I think listing our blessings is a great idea, so here is my list.

IMG_19241. I live in America
2. I have good health
3. I have children who love me
4. I have friends who care about me
5. I have plenty of good food to eat
6. I have a warm in winter and cool in summer home to live in
7. I sleep in a nice bed with good quality bedding
8. I have my monthly bills paid
9. I have a telephone
10. I have a television
11. I have a video and book library
12. I can read and write and have an education
13. I have a piano and can play it
14. I have a guitar and barely play it
15. I can carry a tune and love to sing
16. I have a son who shares my home and keeps me young
17. I have nice clothes to wear and a closet full of shoes and clothes
18. I have warm winter clothes and boots
19. I can read my Bible and talk to others about Christ if I want to
20. I can worship and attend church without government intervention
21. I have grass and flowers in my yard
22. I can afford chocolate, certainly one of life’s treats
23. I have electricity, running water, and indoor plumbing
24. I can be silly and no one judges me
25. I have access to good healthcare
26. I have reading glasses and my son has glasses
27. I have rights that are protected by the law
28. I make enough money to pay taxes
29. I live in a wonderful community
30. I am free and not a slave, bond-slave, or sex-slave
31. I am a mother-in-law and a grandma
32. I have a computer with spell check
33. I have video games for my son
34. I have a creative mind
35. I have fresh fruit and vegetables year round to buy

IMG_1989I think I am making a pretty good point that I have many blessings and most of you would have a list similar to mine. We have so much in comparison to much of the world. We have so much in comparison to earlier generations. I have one question to ask you, do you feel blessed?

I feel blessed. I am sure that I have done nothing except to be born to bring about most of the blessings I experience. In fact there are many blessings I didn’t even state, such as the beautiful sunrises and sunsets or the cloudless days, snow falling, raindrops, rainbows, birds and all the various creatures that inhabit the space around me. I don’t have to walk long distances to fetch water and carry it back to my home. I don’t have to filter the water or boil it before drinking and bathing with it. I don’t have to break my back to gather wood and cook over a fire or wood stove. I wash my clothes in a machine rather than by hand. I use a microwave to speed cooking. If I have a headache all I have to do is take a pill purchased at the drug or grocery store and it goes away. And if I don’t want to cook I can make a fast food run or eat in a nice restaurant where there are many wonderful choices on the menu. I can even go to a store that is open all night if my child develops an illness in the middle of the night. Think about it! These are all blessings that we take for granted every day. Most of the time we didn’t do anything to deserve them but every day they are there waiting for us.Wedding Trip 2014 122

During each and every day I try to pause and give thanks to the man upstairs for all the blessings I enjoy. I love to hear my young son pray before a meal because he thanks God for the seed that was planted, the farmer that tended it, the water and sunshine that helped it grow, the processing plant that turned the seed into flour or processed the grain for food, the factory that boxed it up and the delivery guy that brought it to the store and the clerk that sold it to us and all who were involved in the process of making the food coming to our table, including his Mom for cooking it. Now that is gratitude. I asked my son one time why he prayed in this manner and he said that he wanted to thank God for everybody that had helped make his food and didn’t want to forget anyone and also he wanted his prayers to be longer. Sometimes they are pretty long, but oh how special his thinking is to be thankful for all his blessings. By the way, he added number twenty-four to my list.

I hope you can find some time this week to make your own list of what makes you feel blessed. I hope your list is even longer than mine. But most of all I hope that you will thank the man upstairs (God) for all His blessings because they all came from Him.

Until next time………KatherineJanuary 2008 126


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