Gotcha Day – Adoption Is An Option

HPIM2267Adoption is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. I remember when I was a young single girl in Bible College meeting a couple who had the most interesting family. They had three biological children and then had three adopted children sprinkled in among the biological children. I asked the Mama of this brood why both adoption and biological. She replied that they wanted to help children who had lost their families to have a family and the best way they thought this could be accomplished was blending bio/adopt into a family. There is a Biblical principle at work in this line of thinking for the Bible teaches us that God sets the lonely in families, he leads out the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land, Psalm 68:6, New International Version, NIV).

I have known several families who chose to adopt children. Another person who really influenced me on the benefits of adoption was a young single missionary who adopted a daughter from the country in which she labored as a missionary. I tucked her story into my memory as well and always loved the idea of adoption.

HPIM2254As the years went by I would meet people from time to time who either were adopted or had adopted. As they would share their adoption stories with me I always thought it was such a wonderful gift to be given. The birth parent was giving a wonderful gift to a childless couple or a family that wanted to increase their size through adoption. What a selfless gift. Then the other side of the adoption story where an orphan was given a new beginning in life through adoption into a new family. Again, this is such a gift. I secretly always hoped that I would be able to adopt one day but as the years passed by and my family was all launched into their lives, I figured adoption was just another dead dream as I was getting too old to be an adoptive Mom! Or so I thought.

Chinese From Adoption Trip and others 021One day my husband came home and asked me what I thought about adoption from China. I was floored! Was he serious, I wondered? He seemed to be serious. I told him that we were too old and let the comment pass. A couple of months later I met a couple who had adopted two children from China and they gave me a business card from the adoption agency they had used to adopt their family. I accepted it graciously but basically told them they needed to speak to my husband about the subject.

November 024A few more weeks went by and then my husband asked me again about the possibility of adopting from China and this time we had a serious discussion. The conclusion was that we would send for some information and check it out. That was the beginning of an awesome journey toward “Gotcha Day.”

November 015Gotcha Day is a special term used to commemorate the date of receiving your adopted child. When adopting from overseas it doesn’t always mean the day of the finalization of the adoption. Rather it is used to refer to the day parents receive their child. For my family that day came in late November 2005. We started to process more than a year earlier and we received a photo of our future child in the summer of 2005. While the process was not quick or easy, it was so worth every agonizing minute.

GetAttachment.aspxWe traveled to China and spent some time getting all the formalities taken care. While some countries will allow the adoptive parents to choose their child that was not the case in China. GetAttachment.aspx1The Chinese government chose our son for us and what a lovely little boy he was and still is. God certainly was gracious to me to have such a wonderful son and I am eternally grateful.

Have you ever thought of adoption as something you would love to do? I urge you to explore your options and go for it. I would love to hear about your adoption stories so please feel free to leave a comment at the end of this blog.HPIM2235a

Until next time………Katherine


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