Do You Know A Prostitute, I Don’t But Here’s What I Would Say

IMG_1989I have seen women of the night walking around in big cities through the years. They usually dress provocatively with high heels and few clothes for the nightly temperature. I see some who are extremely young, but not all. Some would huddle together while others walked alone. Some smoked and others didn’t. Some had too much make-up on and some had no make-up. Most of the time they were not interested in a car with a family driving by, rather they honed in on cars with men only inside. I have also seen the police rounding up some women and hauling them off to jail getting them off the streets for one night I suppose.

Randomness 033In Germany, while I lived there, it was legal to be a prostitute and there were houses of prostitution nearly everywhere. One in particular used to catch my eye because it was right across the street from one of the military shopping areas I utilized. The house was built from timber and stucco and had a red light for a porch light. It was a large house and had women showing their cleavage hanging out of the window sometimes trying to catch a soldier’s eye. I never did see any soldiers go inside though; however I did see a few local men use the service.

There was also the Mercedes’s Lady, at least that is what we nick-named her. She appeared to be at least in her late fifties or early sixties although I don’t really know her age. She would sit in her silver Mercedes car parked near the railway and wait for a customer. Sometimes I would see her reading a book or a magazine as she waited. When she had a customer she would look so happy as he sat in the front seat of her car. She would then start the car and drive to a private area behind some bushes out of sight from the street where I traveled. I felt sorry for her. She was old, nearly used up, and probably needed the money but oh what an awful way to make a living.

I do not know a prostitute, do you? I have often thought about what I would say to one if given the opportunity to chat with her. I would want to ask her how she came to be in the oldest profession known to humanity. I wonder if she was a victim as we see portrayed on television or was this life her free choice as a profession. I would want to know what type of family life she had experienced while growing up. Had there been some trauma that had driven her to the streets early in life? I wonder.

End of summer 021I would also want to know if she was hungry and if she was, then I would take her to a restaurant and feed her. Hunger can cause people to do some crazy things I suppose. I would also want to know if she has any family still living and if I could help her contact them. Maybe they would be thankful to know that someone cared enough to help their daughter or son. We forget sometimes that men can become prostitutes also. I would want to take care of their physical needs of food and help find shelter and a job, that is, if they wanted my help.

Most of all I would want a prostitute to know that they are not alone in this world. God sees them and knows what is done in secret and cared enough to send me to help them. I would share with them from the Bible some of the stories of prostitutes who did heroic things for the people of God. I would share the story of Rahab found in Joshua beginning in chapter 2, the only prostitute that is listed in Jesus’s genealogy. She wasn’t Jewish, but she hid some Jewish spies who came to check out the Promise Land and for her bravery she and her whole household were saved on the day her city was invaded by the Israelite’s. God cared about her enough to let all of us know her story. I would share with a prostitute that there is a better way than living the life of prostitution.

End of summer 024There is a wonderful book in the Old Testament of the Bible that talks a lot about the life of a prostitute, the book of Hosea. Hosea was a man of God and God told him to marry a prostitute as an example of how God’s relationship had been with the Israelite’s, who were very sinful. Hosea chose as his wife a prostitute named Gomer. She was not faithful to Hosea and in fact ran away several times. She would bear him some children and then she would find a man much more entertaining than Hosea and would leave her family behind. At one point Hosea saw her on the auction block at a slave market and bought her. You can read the rest of the story about Hosea and Gomer. The point I would want to make to a prostitute is that God loves her or him. God will help them to repent and make a new life. I love the last verse in the book of Hosea, chapter fourteen verse nine.

Whoever is wise, let him understand these things; Whoever is discerning, let him know them. For the ways of the Lord are right, And the righteous will walk in them, But transgressors will stumble in them, (New American Standard Bible).

I would share the Good News that under grace a prostitute is no more. What would you want to tell a prostitute?End of summer 035

Until next time……Katherine


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