Moving Tips

moving from og 005 (2)I was having a conversation with one of my daughters the other day and she told me that I should write an article on tips for moving since I have moved so many times in my life.  I laughed, but then she asked me to make a list for her since she will be moving soon.  I did and thought it only fair to share my tips with others who might be facing a move in the future.  Whether you are having a moving company move you or you are doing it all yourself I hope these tips will help.

Garage sale and summer fun 011Organization of a move need not be a tough challenge unless you haven’t moved for twenty years, then I suggest you begin a few months ahead and start with organizing a garage sale and donate what you no longer need.  There are some wonderful organizations that can use your items in good condition and gifting them can be a great tax deduction if you get a receipt from the organization where you donate.

May 2010 043Here is my simple list.

  • Have one space, usually a closet, where you mark as DO NOT PACK and put everything you are taking with you in the car in that space.
  • All things in original boxes even televisions if you have them.
  • Collect all glass, breakables, and small objects like pictures from each room into one area so that they are all packed together in a dish pack.
  • Put small items like chop sticks, silverware, knives, etc. into Ziploc bags because they will not get lost or broken when you unpack them.
  • Organize all toys together and pack some toys for the trip and hotel rooms.
  • Put all glassware, dishes, bowls, vases, and nick-knacks in one place so that they are all packed together in the same box, it makes it easier when unpacking.
  • Wash all clothes and keep your dirty clothes bag in the DO NOT PACK area.
  • Throw out and donate what you don’t want or need.
  • Collect all keys and put in your purse to include dresser keys, clock keys, desk keys, auto keys, and any other keys you may have (snack Ziploc bags work great for these).
  • Collect all valuable jewelry and put in your purse.
  • Keep a marking pen out so you can follow the packers and mark what room you want the boxes to go into at the new home (they often mark bedroom 1, 2, Master bedroom, etc.) This is especially handy for knowing where the bed sheets, pillows, shower curtain, towels, etc. are located as you will want them your first night in your new home.
  • Pack shower soaps, medicine, medical machines, etc. together in Ziploc bags and put in your suitcase as you will want to find them first.
  • Clean the trash bin and don’t use after you clean it and put the box of trash bags inside the bin but keep a few out then use those bags for any trash…one time I got to the next home and the packers had packed my trash and I took it from Alabama to Washington State! Yuk!
  • Organize things you don’t really need for a while into one area to be boxed together, things like the potty chair, high chair, cradle, and toys and clothes you are keeping but are not needed right away.
  • Take apart large toys like a tent and Ziploc any pieces.May 2010 042
  • Something some movers do but not all movers do is to create a box for all the screws and parts to the beds and mirrors etc. You might suggest this to your movers.  I can’t tell you how many times we got to the next place and didn’t have the screws to put the water-bed together!
  • Put phone and tablet and computer chargers in your purse or suitcase so they don’t get packed.
  • Clean behind the movers and they can take the mops, brooms, and vacuum the last day. What I mean is when they finish packing the bedroom then you can vacuum it, when they load out you can vacuum the rooms quickly before they leave and then they take the vacuum and you won’t need to transport it in the car.
  • Pack any pet things together then put what you want them to take in the pet cage if you aren’t transporting it. Don’t forget to put pet carriers and food in the DO NOT PACK area.
  • When you get to the new home have a mental picture or draw a chart of where you want furniture to be placed and let the movers place the big items. Sometimes I have moved into some tight places but by planning ahead I was able to have the rooms arranged without my needing to move any heavy furniture.
  • Also I stocked protein bars and water, pop, and Gatorade for the guys and some movers loved it and others didn’t want any but it makes for happier movers if you spoil them a little.  Consider buying them lunch!

Well this list is certainly not comprehensive but I think it will get you started.  Happy moving!

Until next time…KatherineMay 2010 034


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