Grilling Fun

DSCF7169DSCF7164My children all went together and bought me a grill for Mother’s Day this year.  I wanted a charcoal grill rather than a gas grill because gas makes me nervous.  I would probably not get it hooked up right and then blow my hand off or something klutzy like that!  My son had a wonderful time putting the grill together, kind of like a Lego project for grown-ups!  I am glad that he has the kind of mind that can build things from pictures and instructions because I do not have that talent!  I haven’t cooked on a charcoal grill in years and I am having so much fun with it.

DSCF7241I grill hotdogs and hamburgers like everyone else probably does.  But I also have found a great way to grill chicken and not have a mess to clean up on the grill.  I make a pocket out of aluminum foil and spray it with cooking spray then fill it with chicken and sliced potatoes and carrots.   A little salt and pepper and then close up the pocket tightly and throw it on the grill!  An hour or so later I have a delicious chicken dinner packet.  Yummy!  I was thinking how this foil pocket cooking would work with zucchini and yellow squash as well as other vegetables.  I have even experimented with baking homemade whole-wheat flour biscuits over the grill by using a foil pocket.  They were so delicious but they did take longer to bake than they would have in the oven.  However I found them to be more uniform in shape as they seemed to rise nicely and so I think I will experiment more with baking things on the grill in the future.  I think grilling is a great way to cook in the summertime because it keeps my kitchen cool as the cooking is out-of-doors.

DSCF7242I am a frugal person I guess because I don’t like to waste the coals when grilling.  I have been reusing the partially burnt or the ones that seemed to be on the edge and never actually light the first time.   I also like to cook as many meals for my son and me as I can during one grilling session.  Things like hotdogs, brats, and pork chops that taste good warmed up in a microwave are a favorite of mine.  DSCF7243Chicken is also good to have grilled especially in the foil wraps because I can use it later in salads or casseroles.  One thing I do not like a second time around is ground beef patties or hamburgers.  I don’t like the flavor of a warmed up burger!  Yuk!  No matter how much ketchup or mustard I pour on top the taste is not good to me.  Today the last item I put on the grill were two large apples that I cored and filled with butter and brown sugar.  I am pretty sure they will taste good for supper tonight!  Now if I just had some ice-cream.  I think vanilla flavored yogurt will be a nice paring with the cooked apples.

DSCF7244I am thankful for my children getting me the grill.  I am really enjoying using it.  I will be glad when they come home for a visit this summer and I can cook something for them over the grill.  They all live in apartments or townhouses in the city and it just isn’t really practical for them to have a grill.  I can fill them up on good old Nebraska beef, pork, and chicken while they are here!  I will let them do some grilling too if they want and then I’ll volunteer to do the dishes!  Now that is something to look forward to.  Tell me, what are some of your favorite grilling tips?  Just comment in the section that says comments!   Happy grilling everyone!

Until next time…KatherineDSCF7236



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