Class Reunions

DSCF7115I have not been very faithful in attending our high school reunions.  In fact I have only attended one class reunion, my tenth, and it won’t be long until it will be time to attend my 50th!  (Ok, truth, I’m not really that old yet, it doesn’t come around until 2023, the same year my son graduates from high school!) (Pause for a moment of silence while this Mother grieves and sheds a few tears).  I remember being glad to see everyone and disappointed that some didn’t attend.  I remember laughing a lot and being happy especially as I met their spouses and children.  I don’t really remember anything other than having a good time.  My sister was attending her twentieth class reunion on the same night that I attended my tenth; I do remember her telling about her reunion.  She was faithful in attending her high school reunions and I love how she described them.

More October Sky 027She said that her tenth reunion was not much fun because everyone was still trying to impress each other as to how much they could drink alcohol, how great their car was, and how well they were doing career wise.  She said the twentieth was more fun because by then everyone was pretty much married, broke, and had children at home, but they were still bragging about who could hold the most liquor.  She said that her thirtieth was the most fun because by then everyone had pot bellies and the men were balding.  Most of her classmates had given up drinking by then either because they were alcoholics who had to stop or they were trying to be good role models for grandchildren or the teenagers still living at home.  Also by then some had divorced and remarried and had been through enough tough times to soften and be less arrogant to be around.  She said it was a lot of fun.  Then when she attended her fortieth class reunion they had lost several classmates in death and so all who attended were just glad to still be alive.  Most were getting hard of hearing and they didn’t really want to do much but sit and visit which was great as far as she was concerned.  She passed away a few years later so when her fiftieth reunion rolled around she was probably missed.

IMG_0165Isn’t it rather interesting that no matter how long it has been since we saw someone we attended school with we feel like it was just a short time since we were young together?  I have been fortunate to meet several old classmates in recent years.  I hadn’t seen them in more than thirty or forty years but we clicked as if it had only been a few years that had passed.  I also realized after reading an article about self-talk that we do inside our heads that the influences from elementary and high school friends is still with me.  For instance I went to school with some really smart kids and I still compare my knowledge and accomplishments to the Brainiac’s I grew up with.  I also grew up with girls that were very stylish in their personal appearance.  In my head I am still competing with them when it comes to what I wear and so forth.  I know, you will say that I am weird!  Okay, you found me out!  But if you are honest I bet your self-talk is doing the same to you.

IMG_0167I have connected with a lot of former schoolmates on social media like Facebook.  I love being able to see how they are doing and where they live and what their families are like.  It is as if we all are from the same small plot in life and we have bloomed into a beautiful garden with our accomplishments, our families, our faith, and our lives.  I love that!  Many of us have lost our parents and grandparents and so being connected even just through social media is a comforting feeling, kind of like going home again.  I love that too.

DSCF7227I think when my fiftieth class reunion comes around that I will attend and my date will be my son who will have just graduated from high school.  Maybe he can learn a thing or two from us oldies but goodies!  Then again, maybe we can learn a thing or two from him.

Until next time…KatherineMore October Sky 024


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