Hanging With My Little Peeps

IMG_0296I love my children and I enjoyed their childhoods but three of them are now adults.  I guess some days I miss having children around to watch grow and play.  Still, though, I have a twelve-year-old to hold on to for a few more years although I can already see the seeds of adulthood planted in him.  I am, however, a grandmother and the past few weeks I have had the utter pleasure and sheer joy of spending some time with my young granddaughter.  You see her Mom and Dad had to work but her new daycare wasn’t opened yet so my twelve-year-old and I had a lot of fun for the few days my three-year-old granddaughter stayed with us.  I learned so much that I had forgotten about young children.

IMG_0441First of all they don’t eat what adults, or even twelve-year-olds, eat.  No, she only liked toast for breakfast, toast with no butter and a cup of milk.  She also doesn’t like to eat anything green except for green grapes.  I made sure that I didn’t serve her anything that even resembled the color green.  This was easy because her twelve-year-old uncle doesn’t like vegetables and many of them are green!  She does like to eat meat so we had hamburgers and brat burgers.  She also loves mac’n’cheese.  IMG_0186What child doesn’t like this old favorite I ask?  Her uncle likes this dish too so we had it several times.  Well, they ate mac’n’cheese and I ate a chicken salad.  We did have a little problem when we went to the restaurant though.  Grandma and her uncle just didn’t understand that she simply could not sit down in the booth without her chair!  It took us a while to figure out that she was saying she needed a booster seat!  We were also thankful that the restaurant served mac’n’cheese as she was very happy as we ate our meals.

IMG_0352The second thing I learned about my little granddaughter is that her parents are doing a marvelous job in teaching her the things of God.  She reminded us at each meal that we needed to pray.  One time we were having a mid-afternoon snack of ice-cream and she wanted to pray.  I told her we didn’t need to pray when eating a snack.  She promptly filed this into her little brain and the next time we were together with her parents she proclaimed very matter-of-fact like that we do not need to pray when eating a snack!!!  I filed in my brain to be sure that whatever I tell her is honest and truthful!

IMG_0486We did have fun though.  No naps taken at Grandma’s house unless it was Grandma taking the nap while her uncle entertained her with cartoons!  That’s the third thing I was reminded about three-year-olds, they never run out of energy!  One evening we were trying desperately to chase her down and get pajamas on her so she could go to bed.  She was having none of our plan.  After a struggle for a while, and her uncle and I feeling like we were at the oiled pig wrestling contest at the county fair, she finally sat on the floor and leaned over her legs until her forehead was touching the floor.  She said with a resigned tone in her voice, “Okay, I give in to this sleep-over!  Ugh!”  With that proclamation she let her uncle get her ready for bed and he read her a Bible story and she went to bed without a problem.  Grandma learned right then and there to place her uncle on bedtime duties as she would listen to him better!

IMG_0436We have a lovely Children’s Museum where I live and we spent one entire morning at the museum.  She had so much fun running and playing in the various rooms.  In one room she was shopping at the grocery store.  In another room she was serving pizza to others.  In another room she actually sat for about fifteen minutes watching IMG_0359the model trains and being so excited when they disappeared and reappeared through a tunnel.  She rode a toy tractor in the farm room and she played the piano in the music room.  She jumped on the trampoline in the play room.  She loved seeing the man-made tornado and the black-light room where things glowed.  She played in the construction room as well.  IMG_0428But her all-time favorite room, the one we literally had to pull her away from was the real ambulance where she could push buttons, talk on the phone, check your heartbeat, and pretend she was a doctor.  She loved the wheelchairs too and had fun while her uncle pushed her around in them.  Then she pushed him around in one for a while.  I wondered how she had the strength to push her twelve-year-old uncle around in the wheel chair until I noticed he was helping by pushing the tires.  What a wonderful uncle she has. What a wonder niece he has too!  I am so thankful that they had so much fun together.

IMG_0334We even had dozens of tea parties with her and she loved that too!  And I can’t tell you just how many times we played hide-n-seek or monsters (Grandma you hide and we will be monsters to scare you, now we hide Grandma and you be the monster to scare us!)  “Fee Fi Fo Fum, look out children here I come!”  Then her uncle took her for wagon rides around the park in her Mama’s old red wagon…oh the joy and fun they had!  And he also stopped and let her play a while in the park!  She really loved that!  So many memories made while she was here.

TIMG_0379hen came the day to go home and she cried and so did her uncle!  I guess that since both are basically raised as only children they enjoyed playing together so much that they didn’t want the fun to end.  I love that too because it makes me realize how precious their relationship really is.  It wasn’t Grandma nearly as much as it was her uncle that interacted into her make-believe world and made everything so much fun for her.

IMG_0370God was gracious to me when He allowed me to give birth to three children.  God was gracious to me when He allowed me to adopt my son.  God has also been gracious to me in bringing great spouses for my children into my life.  But honestly, there is nothing like a grandchild to make me realize just how gracious God has truly been to me.  I can see why God made families and why King David said in Psalms that children are a blessing from the Lord (Psalm 127:3).  But I like what his son Solomon said best.

Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.  Proverbs 17:6, (New International Version or NIV).

Someone else loves children also and that person is Jesus.  Just like people today who want politicians or famous people to kiss and bless their children, there were those who wanted Jesus to bless their children.  The disciples didn’t think this was fitting, after all children were not important to most people.  Jesus felt differently.

Then people brought little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples rebuked them.  Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  When he had placed his hands on them, he went on from there.  Matthew 19:13-15, (NIV).

I certainly feel blessed to have a grandchild.  I feel blessed to be a mother.  Children are a blessing from God, each and every one of my children have been and will continue to be a blessing to me.  God has been gracious to me and I am forever thankful.  Why not tell me about your children or grandchildren?  Love to hear about them from you.

Until next time…Katherine




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