So This One Time I Went Haiti….

Here is a great post from a friend, a young woman who went to Haiti on a mission trip and learned lessons of a lifetime. She tells it like it was with humor and seriousness all rolled into one. I hope you find this as uplifting as I do. Short term mission trips are great tools for the Kingdom of God and I always am encouraged when I read about the experiences others have.

Just A Mom 4 The Love Of God

So I went to Haiti.

I love reading blogs about people’s mission trips. But when I’m done I ALWAYS feel inferior to them and slightly jealous of them. I mean imagine “being called” and feeling “unequipped but having God equip you” and having your “life changed forever”

That is pretty special. I know I’m sarcastic, but I mean that in all seriousness. That is special.

So when Matt Waitley asked for volunteers of the leaders of the youth group to go to Haiti- when my hand rose- I had to stop and look at my own hand in the air.

It seriously felt detached from my body.

Just hanging out there.

Up in the air. It seriously felt like someone else was holding it up there…

It was one of those surreal moments…

Life went on, more kids signed up to go to Haiti, we started the fundraising. Great bonding…

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