Missing My Dad

Today would have been my Dad’s 93rd birthday had he not died when he was 82 years old.  I miss him more and more I think.  I never realized just what a treasure he really was until he and many of the good men like him have gone on to glory.  Our world needs men like you Dad because far too many men today are without the integrity and work ethic you had.  You were honest Dad and far too many today are simply not honest.  You loved Mom and she knew that you loved her deeply.  You never would have thought of looking at another woman in an inappropriate way and far too many men today do look at women inappropriately.  You loved your children and sacrificed much so that we could have what we needed each day.  Far too many men today have little or no time to spend with their families and would rather work or play golf or spend time with their buddies than their children.  You loved God and it showed in everything except perhaps your language when you were flustered or angry but I forgive you for that Dad because I too have that problem sometimes.  You provided a good and safe home a good car and plenty of all the necessities in life for your family.  You took good care of all of us when Mom was ill and couldn’t take care of us.  You spent time cooking and your meals were delicious.  You taught me to fry eggs and make toast and I still like both!  You made an impact upon every person you met not so much in the number of words that you used but in knowing when to speak them and when to be silent.  You thought deeply and felt emotions deeply too.  You have left much of yourself in me and I just wish I could say thank you!

I have so many good memories with you Dad.  I think one of my fun memories was when we would go on the country roads between our home northeast of Bridgeport and heading north toward Alliance.  The hills were like a natural roller coaster and you would speed up and slow down at just the right moments so that we had a great roller coaster ride!  Of course we didn’t have seatbelts back then or child seats and so we would literally be lifted up off our seat and once in a while actually bump our head on the top of the roof of the car!  We would laugh and squeal with delight and ask you to do it again and you would until Mom would say she was getting car sick and we had to slow down a little!  Such a good memory.  I also remember how you would read Bible stories to us every night before we went to bed.  We would brush our teeth and get our pajamas on and then sit on the floor in front of the stove that heated our little home and feel the warmth of the heat radiating from the stove and the warmth radiating from your strong soothing voice.  We would beg you for one more Bible story, just one more Dad!  You would usually give in and read us another Bible story or two and then it was bed time.  How many times did you tuck us in and then have to bring us a drink of water Dad?  Far too many I suppose.  But you were always kind and loving to us.  You and Mom would listen to us say our bedtime prayers and then shut the light out and we would sleep knowing how safe we were while in your care.  I miss that love and care and concern that you gave me all my life.  And then one day you were gone.

You were a smart man Dad and I don’t honestly think I have become more intelligent than you even though I have a master’s degree and yet you only finished the eighth grade.  You knew how to figure math in your work to such an exact and precise way.  When you built a scale for big trucks to be weighed on it was like a piece of art and always worked well.   And boy did you know how to figure how much concrete to use for a basement of a house and for the porch steps or the sidewalk in front.  I know many in our family miss you and miss your knowledge in such matters.  I miss talking about the Bible with you as you were a wealth of information on all those battles and characters and you told me one time that your favorite book was Psalms.  I also miss your good sound advice.  You were so practical and stable and I try my best to be like you Dad.

Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers.  Proverbs 17:6, (English Standard Version).

You have certainly been a good role model for your grandchildren Dad.  And I am certainly proud to be your daughter.  That is something I took for granted, being thankful to God for such a good Dad.  Many children today don’t have such a blessing to enjoy.  You have certainly been missed.  I hope that you are having a great birthday in heaven Dad.  I think you must be enjoying quite a celebration with the family of God!  One day I will join you, but for now I have a little more work to do here on earth.  My son still needs a good solid Mom to see him through to adulthood.  My granddaughter needs a good solid role model in me too, just like you were to your grandchildren.   Say hi to Mom and tell her that I am beginning to act more like her every day!  Not sure if that is a good thing or what!  I hope I still make you both proud!  Take care until we meet again.  Happy Birthday!

Until next time…Katherine


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