God’s Beautiful Landscape

Last week I went on a little vacation.  I think it is good to get away from our everyday lives once in a while.  Actually it was the first time in ten years that I went on a vacation not intended to visit family or go to a wedding.  I loved it!  The area I chose was filled with lots of sunshine, clear air to breathe, pine trees, and buttes that simply take your breath away.  I felt God’s presence very closely and I loved that too.  What is it about us humans that we need to sometimes get away and disconnect from our daily life and just spend some time in the beautiful world our God has created for us to enjoy?  For me it reminds me that He is still in control of this world and that news reporters really should be reporting on the things of God because they are so much more impressive than the things of this world.

The Mighty One, God, the Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to the place where it sets.  From Zion, perfect in beauty God shines forth.  Psalm 50:1-2, (New International Version or NIV).

Oh dear Heavenly Father, how gracious you are to me to let me see the glory and splendor of this beautiful world and remind me that You are with me always, from the morning sunrise until the evening falls and then from the darkness your bring stars to remind me that You are here, in this quiet place with me.  Thank you, dear God, for Your love that never leaves us.  In Jesus Name Amen.

Have you ever been to a place where you can hear no outside noise except the noise that you make?  It is an awesome place where quiet reins and it is as if nature itself is glorifying and worshiping God.  A bird sings, a squirrel eats some nuts, and the sunshine dances with the trees.  I love hearing the tall pines blowing in the wind.  The sound is soft and whooshes and makes me think they are a chorus of whispered singing thanking God they are here and alive to bring shade, shelter, and food to the woodland animals.  A pine cone drops and one day a new seed will be planted from that cone and another tree will grow up tall and straight pointing the way to heaven for all who take the time to see.  A rabbit  scampers across the meadow in search of grass to nibble.  A horse nays in the field across the way and another horse replies with a different nay.  The buffalo are grazing contentedly in the pasture of tall grass that God has provided for them to eat.  Oh how beautiful this precious day really is.  It is so far removed from the street noise I am accustomed to hearing.  No semi-trucks rushing by, no loud cars with even louder boom-box music, no dogs barking, no breaks squealing, no trains tooting, just the beautiful sounds of God’s creation speaking softly.  Thank you God, for this special memory and for the joy of being in your created world far removed from the man-made world.  You remind me that You are here working in the creation daily just as you work in me.  Thank you God, Thank you.

From the top of the buttes I see God’s handiwork.  The rocks crumbling within the soil and yet there are trees and vegetation that continues to prosper year after year.  In the valley below I see God’s handiwork spread among the crag and crevices and also at the meeting place between butte and valley.  You are there and the tall pasture grass blows gently and speaks Your name.  In the flowers that grow without tending You are the Master and watch tenderly over what You have created.  In the antelope and buffalo You are there just as You are there for the smaller prairie creatures and the bountiful birds that fly from place to place.  As the rain clouds gather preparing to bring relief to the land below I can see You and when I hear the mighty thunder and watch the jagged lightning and I imagine it is You calling to the earth thanks for their praise.  All that God has created is beautiful and there as a silent reminder that God is the owner of this universe and the One True God whom we should worship.  Oh how I have loved this little vacation.  Thank you God for reminding me once again that You are in control of my life and I need not fear.

Until next time…Katherine 


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