About Nebraska

Fall 030I have lived many places but none felt like home except Nebraska.  Maybe this is because I was born here or maybe it is where my family of origin all lived.  Nebraska is geographically centered in the middle of the United States.  We have four seasons here.  Spring is gorgeous with lots of flowers and rain.  Summer is hot with lots of sunshine.  Fall is usually cooler and shows beautiful displays of color,  Winter is cold and snowy.  All seasons here have two things, sunshine and wind.
032Nebraska is a diverse state.  Most travelers through Nebraska only see the flat land’s and corn fields along I-80 but there are many more places filled with the beauty of God’s handiwork.  I especially love the Panhandle of Nebraska which is located in the Western most part of Nebraska.  When I was in high school our local state Senator, Terry Carpenter, led an initiative to have the Panhandle leave Nebraska and join Wyoming…..if we had left Nebraska they would have lost the most beautiful part of their state and Wyoming would have gained the most beautiful part of their state.  Yes, I am prejudice when it comes to the Panhandle.

Randomness 026The Panhandle has Chimney Rock and Scott’s Bluff National Monument as well as Court House and Jail Rock and the Wild Cat Hills.  In the Northern part of the Panhandle we have Fort Robinson and Toad Stool Park as well as some of the finest dinosaur digs.  We also have the Agate Fossil Beds National Monument which borders Wyoming.  Who can forget that we have a portion of the great and vast Sandhills which are a treasure on their own.  On the quirky side we have Carhenge which embarrassed most Panhandlers for years but since so many have come to see it we are accepting the idea most days. 018 The beautiful and winding North Platte River is also a treasure of the Panhandle as well as Robidoux  Pass where there used to be a Trading Post in pioneer days.  There are tons of museums in many of our towns along the way and most are staffed by volunteers and are free of charge but gladly accept donations.

Nebraska is more than corn, cattle, wheat, sugar beets, beans and Nebraska football.  We are a melting pot of people and we are proud of our state and our heritage.  Come for a visit and stay a while!



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